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November 20, 2006


PFR. #3 looks quite tasty!
Good luck finishing up your paper... soon you'll be freeeeeee! Also, good luck with your first turkey. I'm sure it will be fabulous and next year you'll probably be doing TFR...burp.

I hate to bring up this sticky topic but is your mid-section doing considering your field research? Expanding?;-) Hey I have a yummy recipe for Moroccan turkey on my blog, in case you are stressing about turkey preparation. So easy. (And I finally linked to your blog!!!)

Do you have opinions regarding crust prepared in a Cuisinart? The last two years I've followed Joy of Cooking's Cuisinart recommendations for flaky crust. It seems too easy, and yet the results seem reliably excellent, whereas crumbling the butter into flour by hand(s) is precarious.

Maryam, so far I've been splitting the pie between a few people, so I haven't seen too much waistline expansion. The PFR No. 4 I didn't finish because it was too sweet.

Grasshopper, I actually don't make pie, just eat it. Though I have my Grandmother's recipe and need to give it a try. I forward this question on to my pie baking guru, Jennifer. Jennifer, do you have any opinions about cuisinarts and pie crusts?

Pie Guru!?!?!? Wow Claire! I'm honored!

I don't use a Cuisinart, but use a pastry blender/cutter. I don't use my hands much at all since the oil in your skin can affect the glutenization of your crust... also, once you've added that little bit of icy cold water... touch it as little as possible.

I know people who swear by the Cuisinart for consistency, but frankly, sometimes I think it blends too well and you don't get as much *layering* in your crust...aka flaking.

To me, making pie crust is a soulful activity so I guess I don't use electrical appliances, but rather prefer to become one with the pie crust muses... but that's just me. :) If the Cuisinart works for others... well you know the saying...if it ain't broke... don't fix it!

Jennifer, your use of glutenization is stunning. I am going to have to work that into a conversation with a chef who is coming to have lunch at my house (heeeeeeelp.....!)

Claire, have you ever had the Key Lime Pie at Joe's Stone Crab in Miami? That is the most serious pie AG has ever tasted. Serious pie.

Love the cookie icon!

Claire, I was checking in b/c I was expecting all kinds of pumpkin pie reviews post-thanksgiving. Don't keep us waiting.....!

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